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Sky-Blue Contracting's Residential Work

When it comes time to repaint your home there are many decisions to be made and at times these may seem overwhelming. I have included a checklist to help homeowners narrow down their list of painting needs.

  • Ceilings (they may show their age more once the walls are freshly painted)
  • Walls (are they in good shape or do they require extensive repair)?
  • Doors, Trim and baseboard (will the wear and tear show more once walls are freshly painted, or have those areas stood up fairly well)
  • Are we doing a color change? (requires a minimum 2 coat application) Or simply a refresh coat in the same color? (requires only 1 coat application)
  • Closets (painting closets white reflects light and increases visibility).
  • What product line of Benjamin Moore paint do we require? (“Ben Line” paint is a good quality mid line paint for general application, or should we upgrade to top line “Aura” paint for more specific needs).

Hopefully you found my checklist helpful. It does illustrate that there are many aspects to consider when thinking about having your home repainted. Not least of which is choosing your colors. For some homeowners, this may be the easiest decision they make, while others may struggle to make a choice. To help in this regard, I always bring the full range of Benjamin Moore colors with me on every estimate, and I am happy to take some time to discuss color options. While I don’t claim to be a designer of any kind, I can fill you in on the latest color trends, and perhaps point you in the direction of some of the more popular combinations. In addition to this I usually advise prospective clients to take a trip to their local Benjamin Moore store and ask to speak with the resident color specialist on staff, (each location has one).

When it comes to painting your home, the inside is only half the story. Sky Blue Contracting also offers a range of options for painting the exterior of your home as well. Painting the exterior of your house can increase curb appeal and add to the value of your home. Perhaps you have vinyl or aluminium siding, but you’ve never been crazy about the color. Well did you know that those surfaces are totally paintable? Maybe you have a stucco exterior and the color has faded over the years, with a power wash and a 2 coat spray application your house can become the envy of the neighborhood! Also not to be forgotten are those backyard fences and decks. Our winters are often long and unforgiving when it comes to wooden decks especially. Arranging an annual power wash and maintenance coat of stain or paint can help keep your deck looking pristine year after year.

Finally the discerning homeowner must select a painting company to come in and execute their vision. Here are just a few more reasons to make Sky Blue Contracting your first choice.

  • Sky Blue Contracting has built up an extensive portfolio of projects that have been completed 1) on schedule 2) on budget 3) and exceeded client expectation

Referrals continue to represent a substantial part of our business, for more please see our client testimonials.

  • Opening your home to tradespeople can be a leap of faith, and I have worked hard to put together a team that inspires trust in this regard. My painters are polite and punctual, they work in a clean and skillful manner. You will not be disappointed.
  • Sky Blue Contracting provides WCB coverage and insurance.
  • BBB member *